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Massive Boeing C17 Globemaster returns to Elvington Airfield near York

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A Royal Air Force C17 Globemaster III landed on the long runway next to the Yorkshire Air Museum on July 28th at noon. It was returning some of the museum exhibits including the Wright Flyer Replica  from the Royal International Air Tattoo at Fairford. After one low pass it made a smooth landing - were there to watch it land - photographs will appear on this site soon.Passing motorists could not resist stopping to admire it. The cargo was unloaded and then to the delight of the public visiting the air museum the crew allowed people to climb onboard - walking up the ramp at the rear of the plane into the enormous cargo hold was an amazing experience. Not content with just allowing the public to look, the aircrew were on hand to tell visitors about the aircraft and even allowed visits to the flight deck where the pilot described the instruments and answered questions. The RAF currently has several of these 174ft - 265 tonne aircraft on trial.