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Massive Boeing C17 Globemaster lands at Elvington near York
A Royal Air Force C17 Globemaster III landed on the long runway next to the Yorkshire Air Museum on July 11th at 9am. It was taking some of the museum exhibits including the Wright Flyer Replica   to the Royal International Air Tattoo at Fairford. After 2 low passes it made a smooth landing - were there to watch it land. Passing motorists could not resist stopping to admire it. The aircraft was loaded and   took off at approximately 1.30pm - quite a magnificent sight to see as it initially flew low over the surrounding countryside. The RAF currently has several of these 174ft - 265 tonne aircraft on trial. You can buy a model C17 from our shop

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Circling the runway On Finals (note the 2 seagulls having a look!) Taxiing down the runway Turning around
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Side view (the figure shows the size of this aircraft) Reversing and lowering the ramp In position Ready to load
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