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Yorkshire Airshow 2003

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24 & 25/08/2003


Just as the crowds were looking forward to a display from the Red Arrows in glorious summer weather a series of "airspace infringements" caused them to abort - safety always being a high priority for these RAF pilots who fly at the limit. The show organiser was understandably upset as were the thousands of spectators who after the famous red and white Hawk aircraft flew past leaving smoke trails were rather puzzled that they did not continue their routine. The rest of the show continued however with aircraft including a Mustang (see video here), Sea Vixen, Vampire, Meteor & Canberra putting on a fine display (see pictures below). The Red Arrows returned on the 2nd day of the show although they only had eight aircraft rather than the usual nine. They put on a terrific display adding colour to the overcast sky (which meant they had to switch to their "low" routine) - later in the day the sun did manage to make an appearance enhancing the spectacle of the varied types of aircraft and amazing displays of flying skill shown by the pilots in the rest of the show - this was one of the best years at Elvington.

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The Red Arrows seconds before they called off their display. Buy a model Red Arrows Hawk

Despite the disappointment with the Red Arrows on the first day there was still plenty to see
The Yorkshire Airshow at Elvington near York was a great success with a constant program of flying displays and some superb aircraft such as the Sea Vixen (in "Red Bull" colour scheme), Vampire & F-86 Sabre.

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B25 Mitchell

RAF Search & Rescue

F86 Sabre - buy a model Sabre here

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Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

Tornado or is it Thunderbird 1 ?



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