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 Breighton International Classic Fly-in July 14th & 15th 2007 
Highlight for Album: Saturday 14th July 2007
Album: Saturday 14th July 2007

Saturday was the best of the 2 days flying with increasingly better weather leading to lots of action later in the day. Highlights included a flypast by the BBMF Dakota and the appearance of Mustangs Janie and Big Beautiful Doll. The Breighton resident Mustang had been renamed from Susy to Darlin' Ann. This was probaly the last time the public would see it fly from Breighton as we were told that a sale was being negotiated.
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Highlight for Album: Sunday 15th July 2007
Album: Sunday 15th July 2007

Sadly as Saturday ended with better weather Sunday's gradually deteriorated and ended with constant rain. It was still worth a visit though especially as 2 Tiger Moths made an appearance.
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